Law of Least Effort :

Instinctively I got some reluctance… Least effort ? Acceptance ? What’s that ?

Edith, no useless exercise in MKE, go ahead !

Week 23 is one of the closest to the Commencement. I would like to share with you where MKE was able to lead me.

September 2018, I started with a mindset to be definitively improved. Feeling of failure and blockings stuck within. I looked forward to starting my extaordinary journey.

As a good pupil, doing all the requirements, I was like someone sick who takes medicines and watchs where come the results from. Week after week, amazingly,  gradually, I started to FEEL something new. My look upon situations, upon people started to change. How was that possible that I never saw all I was discovering ?

Reading, sitting, masterminding, I had to make decision regarding my future. 59 years old, no time to be wasted for anything, except my happiness and serenity. As an answer from the Univers, the company I has been working for during 18 years proposed  a termination agreement that could allow me to quit. That solution occured naturally… I obviously knew that it was the solution. The Human Ressources department was taking in charge… I could look ahead and follow my new path.

I felt confident, starting to prepare my new life. But things are not always the way they look. I found out that the company’s Human Ressources was betraying (common fact actually). Then started a long and painful struggle. Had I to change my mind and stay ?

I decided to quit, despite the dirty (no other word comes) agreement they were preparing. Confident in the Univers, I could not imagine even ONE SECOND that I had reached that point without any reason but only the fact that something better was waiting for me. People around me were amazed to look at me so serene and happy. They did not know what my armure was ! My new Blue Print was planting its roots deeply enough to make me feel strong. Much work, much within struggles, nothing easy, but I held on, hung up to my faith.

Yet months of doubt still present. For sure, I knew that I would lose money at the end… but no sorrow, no regret, only this wonderful feeling of freedom, smiling gratefully looking at the Sky.

MKE became more intense with every week, more exercises, more tools, more knowledge about our infinite power, MKE was taking me over unknown frontiers, my frontiers, my limits. Focused on the work, I took my time to every requirement. Lucky to have a great Tribe, we could follow the progression of each of us.

Meanwhile, life was going on, with family issues and a long tough period with deaths and sadness. Losing friends and family members is an ordeal. I had to put into action what MKE was teaching me. Despite sitting, reading, tears could not be refrained, and old blue print suddenly strong again overwhelmed me with doubt, fear and sadness. Edith, no more work, no more money, what did you do ? The fight was as intense as a magic fight between Harry Potter and Voldemort. Who could imagine what I was living ? Alone against my worst ennemy, I had to succeed, no way, it was a survival matter ! No support from my environment : « Edith is trying a new weird training… we hope it will not be a disaster… only 6 months, but she is focused on… she will be back to us after ».

Struggling with the language (I chose to write in english and not in french), with digitals (not very used to…), I held on, hung to my faith.

My daughter started to see some changes (Mom, you are the same, but there is something different), my husband (something changed, do you still love me ? where the changes will lead you ?), my friends (something is different, you look much more serene, at one with yourself, go ahead Edith, MKE suits you).

Gratefully looking at my new me… Edith I love you !

March 2019… we travel to Africa for 12 days. A camp without electricity in a lost bush. Extraordinary experience far from civilisation, a wild parenthesis.

No connexion, no internet. I will miss the 2 last sessions ! How will I do ? The «Commencement» is already there… I need the replays of the 2 last sessions!!!  I know I need them ! I will need them to be completed.

Law of Least Effort : Acceptance of the situation. Responsability and Defenselessness.

Standing on the threshold of my new life… Edith go ahead !



WEEK 22a

Weaning time? This is my feeling. This past week I had to spend the MKE by my own. I felt it like if it was a kind of exercise of what is AFTER the MKE. So I decided to pretend that this week would be the first one after the end. No Edith ! The Commencement !

Strange feeling. I had to decide what would from now on, my routine exercise among all the exercises we daily have. What would I keep and what would I let go…

IMPOSSIBLE to choose ! As far as my smart goals are not achieved, I cannot give up any exercise. Maybe GS would no longer be read?  But I know that I still need every tool to hold on. Most important : sitting !

Listening  Wallace D. Wattles has been then an argument to go on with the exercises. I am happy and grateful, I feel good (try to forget that bad cold I got), so why suddenly I feel myself standing on the threshold, looking at my wonderful landscape full of my achieved smart goals, but hardly able to move.

Last week-end, I was in Praha, I participated to an Event organized by my MLM compagny. Great event, and great stakeholders. One of them explained a perfect example with humour what moving forward is : he showed his left leg, calling it “personal development” and his right leg, calling it “action”. Then he started to walk, telling at every step “personal development”/”action”, etc.

If you only move “personal development”  or only “action” then you turn around. To move forward, you should move each leg one after the other.  I have loved the way this was easy to understand, and I wondered where my actions were.

The week was passing,  Friday coming, my blog had to be completed. No inspiration. Then I decided to read it from the very begining, Week 1. A wave of emotion overwhelmed me. For sure, my today’s reality is to stand on the threshold, but actions were made and led me to that pleasant place. Struggles and decisions were my “right leg”, MKE was my “left leg”. My new life has started on January. I love standing on that threshold. Sitting, looking at my poster, reading my DMP, I know what is waiting for me. I just have to dive now… and take a run-up with my 2 legs !

I believe and persist


Here I am.  Day after day we are getting closer to the date of the MKE’s end. Full of feelings, but happy feelings.

I remember the first video… Mark was explaining that finally the training will only take  168 hours of our life… to make change our life. Just the equivalency of 7 days! What 7 days are in a whole life ? Impossible to resist to such wonderful temptation. Was that my first Hero’s Journey ? I heard the call and decided to dive into the unknown.

Instead of diving, I chose to sail and to follow the flow. But what a sailing!!!

Actually, the story is, that when you make this kind of choice, you cannot go back and pretend you did not see.

I now easily understand why some members decided to follow the MKE 2 or 3 times and some decided also to give up. It takes time (much more than 168 hours) and energy. But I made the decision: for me, it would be one shot. No way! Succeed or succeed !

My entire life has been suddenly dedicated to reading, sitting, being aware of what feeds my subby… Even a magnifying glass and a compass became the reminders to keep me focused on the work! But the magic appeared when I discovered with delight what engine the mind is…. the most extraordinary discovery ever ! My mind could ask with no limits! For the first time in my life, I could express my dreams and I was encouraged for ! A kind of sweet drunkenness took me and did not let go. I love that feeling now settled down within me…

Huge payoff for this investment! I could decide to change my life. I could decide to start another life at almost 60 years old and make decision with serenity. Much work still remains, but what a gift to have lived that until now.

I discovered new special tools. How using either fear, or anger, or guilt, or unworthiness, or hurt feeling as tools. That sounded quite weird… But  I could notice what powerful these tools are: on Monday Anger would come and settled down… and the Law of Substitution immediately calmed me down. Miracle !

Wahoo!!! 168 hours (not yet fully), but it seems that I have started years ago ! So intense…

Now I have to think about what is AFTER MKE.  I look forward to recovering less pressure, but at the same time I will miss all this kind environment. My tribe, my Guide, my sweet new friends, my Swedish mastermind partner. The link should remain…

We now are on the home stretch. I would just love to take the time slower…

NOTHING LIKE THIS and I can testify: it is the truth!

I am still hung up to my faith, I believe and persist.


If “there is more nothing than something, even in things that appear to have more something than nothing” , “perception that things are solid and stationary is an illusion”.

That reminds me a book written by Jonathan Swift : Gulliver’s Travels. When Gulliver meets with giants from Brobdingrag country. Gulliver is so small in that world,  and when he looks closely at the giants, he is able to see all the details of their skin. He discovers that within their skin, there is a kind of univers made as organized as our solar system. He is ABLE TO SEE THE SPACE  between each planet.  Like the space between atoms. Were the giants an illusion?

Physics lessons are far from my memory, but since we are made of “harmonious nothing” I discovered that, within this SPACE, energy is sailing, making us alive and aware of who we are. Feelings are not illusion. Emotions are not illusion. These are actually the main “tangible” facts. Is that paradoxical to discover that what appears as something is an illusion, and what flows through our “spaces” is the main source of WHAT WE ARE!

I cannot say this is a real discovery, but that allowed me to put an image on what my feelings are. Sitting then became easier…. just visualizing the Univers energy flowing through my “spaces”. Tremendous feeling of power and happiness. It is true : I am the greatest nature’s miracle. We all are…

This week I had my yearly appointment to the hospital. In general, hours are needed between the moment I arrive and the moment the doctor receives me. This time, she received me on time!!! MIRACLE!! And she said that everything is ok!! MIRACLE!!!

Edith, you have power and health ! Go ahead toward your new life !

I believe and persist.






Lots of issues to deal with this week. A feeling of laziness invaded me… Where do I start ?

I have realised that the language is a struggle that takes time and energy. American or fluent english speacking members cannot know that. I am lucky to get to understand and write, but sometimes, when I feel quite tired, words don’t come easy either to understand or to write.

This week was tough and I needed some rest.

It was like if my mind was telling me :”please, Edith, take a break… your brain is boiling, jumping from a dictionnary to another, from a video for the MLM in english watched 4 or 5 times to get sure that you have understood everything to Digital replays ones…”. Even sitting was not effective. No power, difficult connection.


It was like if no more information could enter in my mind. I decided to take a break Wednesday  and Thursday. Just reading in the morning, sometimes shuffling cards… listening to my recording driving… just enough to keep the link…

No guilt, just happiness simply to live without pressure. MKE is the greatest training ever, but lots of pressure to make it effective in a foreign language. Feeding subby is like feeding an ogre. Always hungry, never satiated. At the slightest weakness, old blue print pops up and much strength is needed to roll it back. And I need strength !

These were my thoughts this week. In my comfort zone, looking at the words, talking to myself…

Fear: Edith you should dive and organize your new life. Do it now !

Guilt : Edith, lazy you ! You should make the job you registered for ! Your new life is waiting for you ! Do it now !

Anger : Fortunately, no more anger within you ! No need to think about !

Hurt feeling : Edith, you are supported by friends… just think how lucky you are to have such good friends.

Unworthiness : This is the stronggest issue… Old blue print is full of this word, written in big bold characters. But you are stronger now ! You made the job, you still are hung up to your faith. You are worth it ! Confidence is now settled down within you!

Next week, more effectiveness is required Edith !

I persist and believe !






Only one word comes : GRATITUDE !!!

Here I am, exactly where I expected to be when I started the MKE. Then, I remember,  I was carrying a big “mental luggage”, full of doubt, fear, lack of confidence, feeling of failure, and  few hope in a little corner of my “mental suitcase”  !

I look back and I am definitely amazed by what is now in my “suitcase” : Hope grew and could  kick out doubt, fear, lack of confidence and feeling of failure. Hope could happily welcome confidence, power, greatness, kindness, serenity… And still room remains to welcome new “friends” !

I received with gratitude extraordinary tools  : “I can be what I will to be”, “I am complete, perfect, strong, powerfull, loving, harmonious and happy”, looking at my dreambord everyday (one in my office, one in the bathroom in front of the shower, one reduced in GS book)… Sitting and connected to the Univers, talking to my subby, reading,  listening my recording (I started it over 2 or 3 times)…

IT WORKS ! When we work, it is true : payoff manifests. I can testify with full of gratitude. I did not know I could give myself permission to be powerful, confident, dreamer and happy.

At this point, still 5 weeks ahead before we finish the MKE, so there is still time  to improve and feel supported by the tribe, lead by Mark and Davene’s team. Not ready yet to think about what will our future weeks without MKE be… probably withdrawal needed since I am addicted 🙂

I look ahead, I see myself where I will to be ! Some sacrifice expected, some energy to be provided, some great challenges, and full of happiness and gratitude to be expected. My dreambord may now manifest… no way ! it already starts to… And I happily say : GRATITUDE !

I persist and believe




Maybe Christopher Colombus had the feeling I have now.  Days after days, he dreamt of new lands… welcoming or unfriendly ones? He persisted and did not go back. After storms and huge fights against the sea, a sudden scream “EARTH ! EARTH!”

Just a little speck on the horizon. A little point, holding hopes and fears at the same time.

Here you are, Edith.

The 2 past weeks were stormy and somehow confusing. Some sad events, tough situations to face, and the old blue print popped up, strongly and almost was about to win… Kind of storm that left me weak and lost… Was that the Hero’s Journey? Was I denying the call?

Needed help… I sat, and read, and flashed… “I am complete, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”… Gratitudes every day… A very helpful mastermind with  my wonderful tribe at night… THANK YOU TRIBE !!!

I persisted and won!

This morning, for the first time since 2 weeks, my mind could “scream” “EARTH! EARTH!” Just a little speck on my  horizon ! The Hero within was excited to approach the new land. A kind of impatience inside of me, looking forward to testing my new strength. A real curiosity for new challenges, new positive fights. Suddenly dozen of new ideas flashed into my head. New welcoming lands are waiting for me ! New feeling, new awesome feeling !

I am happy and grateful…

Old blue print dramatically weakened… still alive… but weaker.

I believe and persist !





Already 2 weeks…

2  weeks that I feel something confusing… I look at my DMP and it is like if it was someone’s else. Feeling lost and confused. I work, I do every requirement, I sit, and suddenly everything seems useless and unreachable…

What did I do wrong ? I quitted my company and felt good… The first 3 months of MKE were so intense to me, it helped me  in making decision and feeling at one with myself.  Aware about the “answers” from the Univers, I could keep focused and hung up to my faith… So why all these doubts, why this fear which goes back up…

Yet, index cards are my companions, looking at my Benjamin Franklin’s makeover table,  improving my self-control, going on kindness and specialized knowledge, applying  discipline. So what !

I never leave my MKE… and suddenly Iam invited to funerals of a relative and I come back home exhausted of tears… then 3 days later I receive a message telling that a good friend of mine is dead… and then I discover that the company does not respect the agreement I had with them… None can imagine the volume of strength I need to keep focused and positive…

My Hero’s Journey has been quite disturbed this week…

Amazingly, I could notice the power of “I am complete, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy”, hundreds… thousands times repeated, not to be overwhelmed by all this heavy atmosphere…

And THEN, attending the last webcast, I heard about THE GRIEF ! Is that what I am passing through ? Oh please, Dear Univers, make this period be this needed Grief to go further in my makeover… please…

I even was blessed to meet a member of my tribe passing by Paris. Sometimes I was surprised to be able “to draw” in my mind the first sketch of actions toward my DMP.

However I feel happy and blessed…

I believe and persist.










Franklin makeover is going on…

This week was focused on “Specialized Knowledge”. Why are there only 7 days a week ? According the number of videos I have to watch, I would need about 7 weeks ! Had to prioritize… And suddenly something obvious merged in front of my eyes: Franklin gave us the makeover table just as “a compass” !

Actually, every Vertue’s week becomes a real Vertue’s life. As Kindness, Specialized Knowledge becomes a rule to follow. Hold on Edith ! Specialized Knowledge is on your path for ever! One video every day !

Meanwhile, life goes on and I had to attend the funerals of an old relative.  Memories came out of the blue… Sadness… On 20th January, already 3 years that my Mom left us and became a wonderful star within the Univers. On the way back home, I spoke to her, telling her how much I love her… She was the sweetest Mom, the kindest Mom, the most understandable Mom although she was from the old generation (she was born in 1920!), and I miss her…

Sitting this week, concentrated… sometimes my visualization was so clear that I felt it like a dream. Was I dreaming or was I concentrated ? The line between both is so thin…

I persist and believe



WEEK 16 – Round 2

I could not write about the Kindness week until now.

I have realized that Kindness is all around, we just have to pay attention to. For sure, when I am in my car, driving, I can see crazy drivers but with kindness settled down within me, I don’t SEE them! Is that awesome ?

It is like if kindness prevented to look at what is ugly in that world.

This week has been such powerful ! Looking for kindness around or being kind became a sort of compass to focus on. I have loved it… What about changing the kindness week into a kindness life ?